Which Shaka's Sunglasses Are Best for Your Face Shape?

Which Shaka's Sunglasses Are Best for Your Face Shape?

Shaka's Sunglasses are entirely customizable. From the shape of the frame to the curve of the arms, you get to pick everything. While freeing, limitless options can seem overwhelming, especially if you don't know which frames are going to look good on you. 

The key to customizing sunglasses that look great on you is to pay attention to your face shape and pick frames that flatter it. Our experts at Shaka's Hawaii have put together a guide to help you choose your perfect pair of Shaka's.


Round faces are short and wide, lending them a round appearance. Always choose sunglasses that make your face look less round. Avoid placing round frames on a round face, it will only enhance the round shape of your face. Instead, choose a frame with angles, such as a rectangle or square ones. Our Bruno is ideal. 


Defined by a strong, square jaw, the square face shape is very angular. Choose frames that will soften your look and add some curves. Round or oval frames work best, such as our Akuna.

Heart shape

Wide at the forehead and narrow at the chin, the heart face shape can get quickly overwhelmed by angular and bulky sunglasses. For this shape, select rectangular glasses that are delicate or smaller at the base of the frame, such as our Wayhi.

You may have noticed that we didn't mention the oval face shape. We intentionally left it out because all frames look wonderful on an oval face shape. If you have an oval face, knock yourself out. Customize any pair of sunglasses. Better yet, try three or four, so you can constantly change your look.