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Interch Optic lenses

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Gone are the days, where you are restricted to the same pair of frames for your prescription glasses. With our interchangeable prescription lenses, we have you covered! You can now use your prescription lenses and switch them into different frames as you desire. Not only does this allow you the freedom to express yourself every day, it is also extremely cost-effective.

  • our single vision lenses are good for distance or reading.

  • Includes standard polycarbonate lenses—the most impact-resistant material for eyeglasses
  • Includes superhydrophobic, anti-reflective coating and scratch-resistant treatment

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The processing time depends on several things: the type of order,whether your order is complete (Do we have your prescription and PD?), and when you place it.

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Shipping is free worldwide on orders over $50. Basic shipping cost is $5.00 in the US and $15.00 internationally

What is your Return Policy?

We have a 30 day, no questions-asked return or exchange policy for all your eyewear. If you're not satisfied, we can set you up with a full refund or exchange within 30days of reciept. Additionally, we have a lifetime Warranty on all of our frame and non-prescription lenses. Prescription lenses are not covered under our lifetime warranty program! Gift card purchases are non-refunda0ble.

What do I do I if I'm experiencing issues with my prescription?

Sometimes it takes a few days to adjust to a new prescription , but if you're having ongoing trouble with your glasses, email us at We'll help determine the issue so that we can re-make your glasses and make sure that make sure that your prescription is just right!

Can I get my glasses expedited?

expedite shipping is availve only for non-prescription items.

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3. Choose Lens Package Lens Guarantee Learn More >

Thin lens basic package

1.5 Index Basic Lenses

Scratch Resistant Coating

Protected with three coatings

1.5 Index Basic Lenses

Scratch Resistant Coating

UV Protective Coating

Anti-Reflective Coating

Thin lens with full protection

1.61 Index Lite & Thin Lenses
(Up to 25% thinner)

Scratch Resistant Coating

UV Protective Coating

Anti-Reflective Coating

4. Lens Type - choose one option


Lenses for everyday use

Not available for your Rx.


Digital block

Protect your eyes from the
emissions of digital devices

Not available for your Rx.


Darken when outdoors
Remain clear when indoors

Not available for your Rx.


Our house brand adaptive lens


Transitions® VI

The leading adaptive lens brand



Reduce glare and haze for clearer vision

Tint Color

Color Tint

Sun protection basic lenses

Tint Color


High fashionable reflective color

Tint Color

5. Insurance

Glasses can break - Stay worry-free with our 20/20 enchanced coverage Learn more >